Book bits…or bites…

“Our corporate CEO is bringing a photographer to take professional portrait pictures of all company employees. Some of us didn’t care to have them taken but he said that it was not optional. Rachel adores him, I don’t know why. I think he is an asshole – a real asshole with a fake smile. He brought his little son to work the other day and denied him orange juice. The kid begged and begged but was allowed only water because you know how daddy feels about sugar. I mean, I am against stuffing kids with unnecessary candy and sweets but a glass of cold orange juice on a hot spring day will not do any harm. Didn’t harm us, did it? Poor kid, probably on the way to become a corporate android himself. I felt like smuggling a bottle of cold Fanta to him – just for fun. So now I dislike CEO even more. He promised end of year bonuses and got some cool boss points from gullible employees. I don’t believe a word he says. Robert, the former CEO sent us a postcard from Hawaii. I looked at it and felt a touch of fresh sea breeze on my face. I wish I could move somewhere that exotic. So, inspired by Robert’s postcard, I told Klaus and Vincent that I was going to the beach tomorrow. It’s an almost two hour drive but I need to get out of the city. They asked to join me and we are leaving tomorrow around nine.

* * *

Klaus called around eight and said that his car is overheating so we are going with mine. Vincent opted out of driving yesterday because he doesn’t want his expensive Audi anywhere near salty water or air.”

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