The flash fiction of Dean Martin: Underpinnings

Sometimes I wonder if (the) Dean Martin ever went shopping – like for himself and on his own. Well, I don’t really wonder about it – it’s just a thought that crossed my mind today when I went to the mall in search of new and clean underwear. I saw a pretty girl at the store. She was buying boxers for her – it’s safe to assume – boyfriend or such. I envy those guys who have girlfriends to buy them stuff like socks and boxers. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I envy them – there are others, too. I spent one hour and 38 dollars at the mall. All on underpinnings. It’s more than I had planned in both time and money but I chanced upon some Globetrotters boxers and a Wonder Woman undershirt that I had to have. It was from a small boutique shop next to Gap. While I was trotting home, I wondered how the hell is that Gap store still in business.

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