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Grumpyandpissed is happyandpleased to offer free photos for you to…

…download and use. I don’t know, maybe you need a nice by-the-sea mural for your living room? So, I will soon start posting photos for free download in the new ‘FREE‘ category so feel free to download any listed image that you might like.

Photography has long been a big passion of mine, and I want to make it (some of it at least) available to you – no sign-up, no registration, no strings of any kind attached.

And just to mention – the photos are for private use (blogs are okay, yes) and not yours to sell – but that’s common sense, right. Although better to mention it ’cause we all know that Voltaire was quite right about that sense.

So, now I’m testing some plugins, but stay tuned for some Mediterranean vibes….